A Soldiers Photo Album

These following pictures are from an album I am researching. I think the soldier may have been in the Royal Army Service Corps, there are some pictures in the Transport section that also belong to this album. There are a few pictures of groups of soldiers, maybe this could be you, your Dad or Granddad. I would like to try and find out where he was stationed, on one of the pictures it mentions Smalia, which I think is near the Suez Canal. There is also a picture of a building that looks like a prison, maybe someone you know was station there or maybe its a building of interest that you know something about.

Whoever this album belonged to he must of been a character, you've only got to look a some of the pictures...a dog dressed up in uniform...him balancing on a miniture pyramid...him sitting there with his feet in a bowl of water, someone out there must of known of him or heard their Dads/Granddads speak of a character like him, I know there must have been a few.

In this album there is also a funeral taking place of one of his comrades with honour guard firing 2 rounds over his grave and real poignant moment of a member of the Royal Irish Fusiliers playing the last post over his grave...brings a lump to my throat. Take a look at the following pictures, if you've got any information please email me

The three pictures above are of the soldier that the album belonged to and also the dog in uniform with a berret on and a badge that looks like a RASC badge

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