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Well this page is a bit like a virtual museum and consists of pictures and images of my own very small personal collection (which I hope will increase as years go by). I will try and update this page every so often

Identification of 8th Army service card patches

Leftside going down:- 5th Amry Corps, 10th Army Corps, "2nd Polish Corps, 78th Infantry(Battleaxe)Division, 3rd Carpathian Division(Polish), 4th Infantry Division, 51st Highland Division, 9th Australian Division, 1st Canadain Infantry Division, 50th Northumberland Division, 5th Canadian Armoured Division, 48th Midland Division, 44th Home Counties Division, 56th North London Division, 2nd New Zealand Division, 5th Kresowa Infantry Division(Polish), 6th South African Armoured Division, Free French Forces, Jewish Brigade, Folgore Gruppo (Italain), Fruili Gruppo(Italian).

Rightside going down:- 2nd Canadian Infantry Corps, 30th Army Corps, 13th Army Corps, Airbourne Division, 1st Infantry Division, 8th Armoured Division, 8th Indian Division, 1st Armoured Division, 10th Indian Division, 1st South African Division, 8th Armoured Division, 4th Indian Division, 7th Armoured Division (Desert Rats), 5th Infantry Division, 5th Indian Division, 2nd South African Division, 6th Armoured Division, 6th Division, 3rd Greek Mountain Brigade, Cremona Gruppo (Italian)

I would like to thank everyone at for the help they gave me to identify these units. Anyone looking for a good World War II website to visit I highly recommend this one, you can link to this site by going to my home page and click on their banner which is at the top of the page.

Original maps of Tobruk Drawn by Cpl I Wylie 2/15 Royal Australian Engineers and L/Cpl A Depoix 2nd Queens I Section

Cpl Wylie was to go on and be awarded the Military Medal for bravery. The report reads:- On the 12 Jul. 41, near Dimas on Damascus-Brient Road, Cpl. Wylie was in charge of a road recce party proceeding ahead of the pursuit force column in a van one tone without protection. Even after his vehicle was stopped and disabled he made several attemps to carry out further engr. recce. on foot under heavy fire. Cpl Wylie showed conspicuous bravery and devotion to duty under intense artillery and machine gun fire.

Route map of the Western Destern "Secret"

Original WW2 map case dated 1944

Armoured fighting vehicles external first aid kit

These are Sgt Wallace's medal entitlement and medal slip

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