Anyone know any of this Motley Crew

Anyone know any of these motley crew

I think they're from the Queens Regiment from what I can work out from their sidecap badge...could be wrong and thats as much a I know, I've got no year but they are all wearing pattern 37 battle dress.

Or what about this one


City of Hereford

The dates on the reverse of this picture below are 11th Oct - 29th Dec 41. I've got no more information other than that. but they must have been going what with their pitch hats. Maybe someone out there know's where this ship was heading during those dates. Also on the reverse I've got all their names: W Newing, A Hobbs, A Windaybank, T Rees, R E Stone, V Rushton, W Hall, P Summerfield, S Toogood and V Lincoln. Some of the spellings maybe wrong due to the handwritting on the back...any ideas anyone?

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