Links Page - Link to an excellent site with loads of topical forums and a real friendly bunch.

The History of the British 7th Armoured Division "Desert Rats" - Link to an excellent site with loads of unit information. - Link to another World War II forum with loads of topical forums.

7th Armoured Division Thetford Forest Memorial - Link to an excellent site dedicated to the men of the 7th Armoured Division.

The Queens Royal West Surrey Regiment - Link to an excellent site with the complete history of the Queen's from 1661 - 1966.

The Coleraine Battery - A very informative link to an Artillery Battery in the Western Desert, it also covers all its other activities during World war II - Highly recommended site.

Historical Military Vehicle Forum - Loads of info from a real knowledgable bunch - Highly recomended site.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission - Link to the CWGC a must for any reseacher and a good source of information.

Victoria Cross holders - A link to holders of the prestigious Victoria Cross the highest award in the British Army.

The North Irish Horse Regiment - A link to a site dedicated to this regiment created by a veteran who served with them - excellent site.

- A fantastic link to a WW2 Australian and New Zealand military site - full of loads of history - highly recommended.

World War II History - A link to a historical site with daily events from around the World - A good stop off for students studying WWII.

D Day casualty lists - A link to an excellent site for anyone researching a day in history that deserves to be remembered forever.

The Suez Canal Zone - A link to a site in honour of the Suez Canal Campaign, well worth a look.

- A link to the "Gunners Australian Association" dedicated to Australian gunners who served their country - Comes highly recommended, well worth a visist.

Royal Artillery - This link is a must for anyone researching a unit of the Royal Artillery during WW2, it covers units from 1939-45.

World War Two memories - This link is to a site that has been created to record WW2 memories and is a good source of information.

The Sandland Experience - This link is to a message board for ex-servicemen and serving members of the armed forces (especially REME).

Salientpoints - A must site for anyone wishing to visit a battlefield cemetery.

- Briilant site with loads of unit information well worth a look.

- A good source of information on WW2 Aircraft.

RAOConline - ROAConline is forum based community for serving and ex members of the RAOC, a very knowledgable and friendly bunch of people.

War Relics - Is a very interesting forum based community with lots of information on varried subjects relating to WW2

WWII Reenacting - This site is dedicated to the hobby of WW2 reenacting and is a wealth of information, Highly recommended.

WW2 Forums - A wothwhile and recommended forum that has lots of interesting topics and a excellant site for researchers

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