1st Bn Middlesex Yeomanry, Royal Signals

These following photo's are some of the 123 from an album following the journey Ken Notts form Egypt to Agedabia, he served with the 1st Battalion Middlesex Yeomanry attached to the 9th Armoured Division and 10th Armoured Division during the period of 1940 to 1942, here is a little history of his regiment.

The 1st Cavalry Divisional Signals (Middlesex Yeomanry) was deployed to the Middle East while still mounted. The regiment served in Syria, Iraq, Tobruk and Crete. On mechanisation of the division, squadrons were formed for 10th Armoured Division. The squadron with 9th Armoured Brigade served at El Alamein and later in Italy. The duplicate regiment, 2nd Armoured Divisional Signals (Middlesex Yeomanry) also served in the Western Desert and Greece. Some elements of the Middlesex Yeomanry served with Special Forces.

Ken's brother on his Triumph motorbike in the UK

Ken on his AJS motorbike in the UK

Ken on his bike in the Western desert

This is Ken pictured in a cab, this is a newspaper cutting, the wording to the cutting reads: THEIR TASK IS HARASSING the enemy supply lines to the Egypt battle front-a cheerful party of sappers in a Motor Brigade Advance Colmn. Their terrier mascot's name is Lady.

These are some of his vehicles in the Western desert, In one of the pictures you can see them brewing up (cup of tea). It was said as long as the British tommy had a cigarette and a cup of tea his morale would be fine.

Here are some of his unit. When these units returned to the UK people would comment about their uniforms or lack of them. If you look at these pictures not one of them is wearing the same as the other.

Here is a little Divisional doggerel!

Monty had a little Division He called the Desert Rats And now they are going home They'll all put on their hats.

They'll all wear hats of different kinds So you cannot tell by that You'll only know they're Monty's boys By their little Desert Rats.

Ken enjoying a bit of R&R in Egypt with the Pyramids of Gizeh in the background. And below bathing in the Med.

Desert Life

Life under canvas, here you've got a selection of Bivouac's from a hole in the ground bivouac's to vehicle bivouac's to tents. This was a major concern for soldiers in the desert.

Above time for a bite to eat using and arcraft wing as a table. Below enjoying a bottle of beer outside their armoured command vehicle.

Getting ready for action

Build up of tanks from the 10th Armoured Division in the background.

The men standing to with Lee Enfield's at the ready.

Captured Italian machine gun Fiat model 35

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