Royal Australian Air Force

These following photos are from a small collection obtained from someone who served with the Royal Australian Air Force salvage unit, I think you'll agree a very interesting collection.

On there way to North Africa, the Austalians paid a huge part in the Victory in the Western desert.

Transit camp at Ikingi, Egypt.

Lets get the job done, all loaded on the back of this RAAF truck destined for their unit.

The aircraft here Vickers Wellington bomber, Hawker Typhoon and a Squadron of Hawker Hurricanes in the background.

Hawker Hurricane taking off fully laden with its bombs for one of Rommel's Panzer Divisions

Ground crew with bombs most probably destined to be loaded onto the Bristol Beaufighter in the Background.

Just a few bombs laying around the Desert nothing to be worried about. 3800 lbs and 580 pounders grow well in this type of climate probably just about right for picking.

What have we got here "It's a bomb". Is this something they've just recovered?

El Alamein forward British minefield dated 23rd October 1942 with a tank track laying on the ground. At 2140 hours on this day this front lit up with a blaze of 456 artillery guns which could be seen from miles aways.

High explosive shells explode amoung tents on the Al Alamein front line.

Battlefield graveyard at El Alamein

Shipwreck at Tobruk

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