Royal Army Ordnance Corps

This is a collection that belonged to Major G N Jones of the RAOC covering 1941-1946 and his service in South Africa, North Africa and the Middle East. There is approx 357 photos in this collection covering Haifa, Tripoli, Beirut, Chekka By-Pass, Derna, Damascus, Persia, Tobruk, Bardia to name just a few.

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This page is still under construction and captions to the photos will follow, thank you for patience

No.26 Platoon 2/LT C N Jones

No.17 OSC (Ordnance Store Company) No.5 BOD (Base Ordnance Depot) Middle East

Clavewood Camp Durban. Capt Mcphail in dress uniform

Our Doctors Lt D Hollingsworth & Capt D Moss of the Royal Army Medical Corps

My Batman at Tel el Kebir No.5 BOD (Base Ordnance Depot)

Lt Mathews & I riding a camel in the desert (the road sloaps not the pyramids)

Lt Mathews the guide & I in the temple of the Spinx

Lt Mathews & I on the Great Pyramids

Lt Mathews & I on the Spinx's paw

M.E.W.T.S. (Middle East Weapons Training School) not a Swiss chalet

Bayonet practice at the M.E.W.T.S.

King David Hotel Jerusalem

YMCA Jerusalem

War Graves Jerusalem

L/Cpl Lambert, Pte Manghan, Sgt Brown & Sayid at the officers shop Amirya

Statue of De Lesseps, Port Said

French Engineer and builder of the Suez canal

Colossal statue of Ferdinand de Lesseps by Emmanuel Frémiet (1824-11/09/1910) installed at entrance of the Suez Canal at Port Saiid and unveiled on 17 November 1899

Mersa Matruh

(Top & Bottom) Mediterranean coast at Mersa Matruh from West of bay

German & Italian Cemetery at Mersa Matruh

Sidi Barrani

Whats left of Sidi Barrani

Wreckage at Sidi Barrani

Sollum Bay

Sollum Bay from main road

Sollum Bay from top of pass

Hellfire Pass

A glimpse of Hellfire pass

Doc Sanderson, Bill Norton, Col Capstaft with a German Mk IV tank

Fort Capuzzo

Fort Capuzzo

Bardia Bay

Bardia Bay

Top end of Bardia Bay

Wreckage on both sides of the Bardia to Tobruk Road

A Junkers troop carrying glider at Tobruk

Signs of the Desert

Dont get too far off the road!! Mines

Open road but still mines at the side


Tobruk harbour and docks

(top and bottom) View of Tobruk harbour and town from the escarpment 115 weeks on 1/1/43

View of Tobruk from Church tower

Lets Honour our Fallen Heros

Pictures taken at Tobruk cemetery

Private Roy Jack Hammond 7643449 RAOC 27/02/1942

Sapper J.P. Brown 2117505 572 Army Field Coy Royal Engineer 15.5.1942 age 22 killed on active service

Australian War Memorial

(top & bottom) Tobruk town from the roof of "B" mess

Tobruk Cathedral

"B" Officers mess 1st floor

Tobruk the best water in town August 1941

A concert held in Tobruk George & Beryl Formby

They all saw George

The road from Tobruk to Derna before rain

And after


(top & bottom) Derna from escarpment


The Town Mayors House

The Late Marshall Graziani's Palace

Derna Dive Pub


Benghazi Cathedral

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