Royal Army Service Corps

The Royal Army Service Corps

The following pictures have been donated to this site by John Grant they are of his Uncles. One of which, Uncle Harry who served in the Royal Army Service Corps with the Middle East Forces in North Africa. I met John through a friendly website in honour of Suez Canal Veterans, where John saw service from 1953-55.

I would like to thank John for allowing me use these photo's and for sharing a part of his famlies history...thank you John

Harry Lovelidge served with the Eighth Army and saw action at El Alemein, where he had a pretty rough time. He also served in France with the B.E.F., India, South Africa and Libya. John recalls one of his Uncles stories while he served with the B.E.F. at Dunkirk where his convoy of soft topped vehicles arrived one end of a French street just as jerry tanks arrived at the other:

It was like one of them Dillinger movies, each side waiting for the other to draw, then it was all hell let loose - everything flying about, panther-shit, used bus tickets, everything."

Harry Lovelidge

Harry Lovelidge? My Uncle, and a bloody good bloke. John Grant 2/11/2004

The following pictures are of Harry, fred, Ed and Pals

Harry, Fred, Pals France 1939 not long before Dunkirk

Fred Lovelidge taken same time as the above

Harry and pals Egypt 1942

Harry convalescing in Hospital in Egypt

Harry and Pal, Ismailia 1942

Harry, Durban 1942

Harry, M.E.F. 1943

Harry and Pals Port Said 1944

Harry, India wearing the ribbon of the Africa Star 1944

Harry and Mates, India 1945

Ed Lovelidge served with the REME

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