Royal Artillery/RASC/RAOC

Private J H R Seale No. 1491236 (Right)

The following documents belong all to one man and what an interesting read it is. He joined the Royal Artillery from the 16/07/1939 to 10/09/39, he then joined the Royal Army Service Corps from the 11/09/39 to 30/09/42 and he then joined the Royal Army Ordance Corps from the 01/10/42 until the 01/05/46. He was at Dunkirk, he was in North Africa and also Italy.

Record of service (Army Form W5258)

All this paperwork came with over 80 photos of his time spent in North Africa and are used in the Virtual Tour of North Africa, which you can get to by click on the link below.

Virtual Tour of North Africa

Royal Army Service Corps 'B' Platoon No.1 Advanced M.T.D.

Private J H R Seale in on the end of the second row (right).

The following paperwork would have filled out when he joined up. It requires him to report for Military Training/Medicals

The following paperwork are orders given to Private Seale, in one of the orders it gives notification of his promotion to Lance Corpral, which he later must of lost because on his paperwork when he came out of the Army he is refered to as Private. There also orders for moving supplies around Tobruk and also one for being in charge of a party of soldiers going on leave to Alexandria.

The following lot of paperwork are all passes

This is Military issue Italian Lira

These are information booklets given to soldiers when going on leave full all sorts of information.

Concert programmes plus a Christmas dinner menu

The next lot are all mail related items. Telegrams, Envelopes and letters home etc... I will translate the letters at a later date. Some of the post marks on the envelopes are dated 1941 and do not reach Private Seale until a couple of years later...imagine that.

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