Church at Tobruk, you can see that even the church has not been able to remain unscathed with its war wounds

Scene from Tobruk with the harbour in the background

Prisoner or war camp

Sketch of Winston Churchill on a wall

The Virgin Mary outside the church

Destroyed shipping in the harbour

Above supplies on their way in the life line of Tobruk the so called 'Spud Run'.Below another hit on shipping. The Royal Navy, The Royal Australian Navy and Merchant Navy paid a heavy price for keeping Tobruk supplied in total they lost 539 men killed/missing and 241 men wounded. The harbour became a grave yard of metal with ships littered everywhere, a navigational nightmare for the most experienced of commanders. In total there were 82 vessels either sunk or damaged (26 sunk, 62 damaged).

Above scene of Tobruk harbour. Below another direct hit on shipping.

Above is the grave of Serjeant Leslie Kingsley T/130267, Royal Army Service Corps who died aged 25 on March 1942. Below is the dramatic picture of the explosion that killed Serjeant Kingsley, through the smoke you can make out soldiers running in all directions. We can only imagine the shear panic and confusion that these soldiers must have endured day in day out with these raids. We must also not forget the sacrifice that so many of these men made...their lives. Let us remember them with honour.

The Italian cruiser San Giorgio looking a bit worse for wear in Tobruk harbour. She saw action in three wars, the Italian Turkish war, World War 1 and World War II. She was sent to Tobruk in the May of 1940 for the defence of the port and used as a floating battery. on June 28th 1940 her anti-aircraft gunners mistakenly shot down the plane of the famous Air Marshell Italo Balbo commander of the Italian Army in North Africa at the time. Mistake or murder? This is another one of these conspiracy theories, as there was talk that Mussolini wanted him dead, another story for the historians.

Graves at Tobruk

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