Transport of World War II

The following photo's are from a album I purchased. I do not know much about it, just in the process of researching it. I think it may well have something to do with the Royal Army Service Corps, the obvious reasons being the transport. Maybe anyone viewing these pictures may well be able to help me with the identification of the trucks/motorcycle and also with the formation signs that appear on them. The trucks have badge on the doors that has a white circular background with a swift in flight pointing down. They also have a square badge to the front with a camel. The last badge is a square that has 1212 in the middle with a think line that goes diagonal from corner to corner. Any ideas anyone?

These following photo's of Leyland,Bedford and Scammel trucks have been donated by Bryan Hollingsworth. I met Bryan through a very friendly Suez Canal Veterans website. He served there in the early 50's as an 18 year old. As he said although they were taken in the Suez canal I am sure they haven't changed much since the 40's.

I would like to say thanks to Bryan for allowing me to use these photo's.

Leyland "Hippo" 10 tonner general service cargo

Line up on sand lorry park

Line up on tarmac

At Port Said loading mail for distribution throughout the Canal Zone, vehicle on right is a Bedford 15cwt, I think.

Loading mail with, on the right a Bedford QL 3 tonner

Close up of cab. Note sand filter on the back and part of spare wheel rack which swang down to release spare wheel, also vehicle number in Arabic and primitive air conditioning flap (just flick open).

Front view of cab, you can just see escorts hatch above passenger seat hinged open.

Seperating a tyre from its rim, small wheeler on left, big wheeler on right.

Sometimes the result of previous picture.

Just having a minute. Showing size of wheels, jerry can rack in front.

Waiting to load ammunition at Port Said, open back wheeler.

Run off the road into the sand, Suez canal in the background

Refridgerated lorry (ice box) in the Sweet Water Canal, the smelliest most putrid stretch of water ever known.

Another Sweet Water Canal victim

Scammel recovery truck at work

One more Sweet Water Canal victim

Scammel recovery attached to our company

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